Monday, May 31, 2010

Pissed off!!!!

Sometimes, when you are working in the customer service industry you also expect the same level of customer satisfaction when you became the customer yourself.

Here's the scenario: in my previous post I was expressing my  excitement to participate in the Looney Tunes Run this Saturday. But actually the singlet that I got was a medium size one. Too fit for me and I feel like a stuffed hotdog. But the peeps from Timex Ayala promised me to go back today and get my large singlet as replacement. But unfortunately, the salesgirl (not the person in charge of the registration) told me that she forget to tell the POC about my singlet. It was an outrage! I felt duped!

I can recall that she was the one who handed me the singlet and PROMISED me to get back today to get a replacement. But when I arrived, she just says the one most abused Bisdak word we always say.. "AMBOT!". toink.

Good thing I maintained my composure and ask her politely when and what time will I be back so I can get the large one. She says the person in charge (POC) is "comming na daw". So I decided to go to  Runnr hoping they are still on sale. But unfortunately the sale ended yesterday. Sayang jud!

After a while, I decided to go back to Timex hoping the POC is there already but to no avail. And the sad part was, they want me to go back at 1pm because for sure the POC will be there. I told them (this time starting to make my point!) that I just got out from my shift at 9am and waited for one hour for the mall to open just to get to Timex for my singlet. This is the same thing I told them yesterday.

But still the saleslady uttered those abused words "Ambot Sir uy, what time jud to moanhi. But niingon man to nga padung na daw". So I told them back that I cant afford to wait because Im tired and I havent had sleep yet. But another saleslady even interrupted with me and said, "wala man mi mahimo ana sir."

WTF! the mere fact that I am the customer here and they are at fault because they forget to inform the POC about my singlet and ako na hinuon ang agrabyado!!!!

I asked if i can get my reimbursement and they said yes. But as soon as the POC will arrive. F*ck! they are not even apologetic with what happened.

Now here's my problem: modagan ko or dili? Murag nawad-an nako ug gana ba. This is more or less the same experience I had during the distribution of singlets for the Great Lapu-lapu Run 2. Disorganized kaayo! Wa pa gani kasugod! and by god, it's freakin P400!!!!!

modagan nalang ko sa Kapamilya Run 2010 kay makatabang pako sa Bantay Bata 163 and ABS-CBN Foundation maski Kapuso ko by heart!!!

To those 2 salesladies down at Timex Ayala??? Get a life!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New PR for me

woohooo!!! Nikia and I are so happy today as we ran for 5K together in the Run 4 Q: First Call Center Run. I clocked 29:19 making it a new PR for me. I usually clocked 30ish minutes. And yet, it's just my meal break. After the race, I had to race again but this time, back to the office to finish my shift. :-)

After my shift, I went to Timex Ayala to get my Looney Tunes race kit. Too bad there are no large sizes available when I went there. That means I need to change my medium size to large by tomorrow. Of course I dont want to look like a stuffed hotdog running on the road. :-)

Nikia will be excited to ran with Bugs Bunny and Taz...

And oh, my race # is 2256. Imagine that! and yes, it's gonna be 10K this time baby!

See you on the road...

One medal for Accenture

Yes! All the hardwork and training and discpline paid off for Mitch Jala when he ran for today's Run 4 Q: The First Call Center Run held at the Ayala Terraces. He ranked 7th place in the 5K race. He ran with Nikia and me for 5K. He got a medal for that feat in the call center category.

Mitch "Leo Ironman" Jala

That's one medal down for Accenture!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nikia is ready for her second race this Sunday

Oh yeah. she's ready. Nikia is ready for this Sunday's Run 4 Q. Even if she will just be running for 5K (instead of the original plan of 10K -- this will be a mealbreak run!), she is ready for her second race after the infamous SRP Sundown Run. She debuted with 10K there but this time, she will just ran with 5K... and with an attitude! :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

next stop: Run for Q and Looney Tunes Run

'll be running this Sunday (May 30) for the First Call Center Run / Run for Q. The runners at the office decided to ran for 5K only. I realized my sked wont allow me so I'll use my meal break to go to Ayala Terraces and ran 5k. 

On the other hand, I saw Doc Ling's post in her blog about the Looney Tunes Run on June 5. I was kinda excited to learn about this... it makes us feel like a kid again. hehe. will go to Ayala this weekend to register for 10K. I'm hoping my sked will permit me. if not i'll request for ad hoc. 

photo courtesy from the reelrunning blog

Nikia's First and my 100th km mark

Just got back from my first run after 4 days of rest. It was Nikia's first run on the rubberized track at the Cebu City Sports Complex. I was supposed to ran around 7-8kms but on the 7th round, nag-BROWNOUT! It was a nightmare for me because I'm having a hard time seeing things at night. The only light that guided me and the runners was the half moon. Oh great!

Anyway, twas a good run for me and Nikia. I tried to do some pacing with 2 groups of runners. These were veterans as I can see a lot of them wearing those singlests -- those runs that I wasn't able to join.

Today's run also marked my 100th kilometer. I didn't realize my mileage is now 1 shoe down. 400kms for to go!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back on Track

After 4 days of rest and work and minding my foot injury, I'm ready to go back on training this afternoon. 

I'm torn between running around the oval at Abellana or make a 7K route at the KSRP (Kilid sa SRP). 

We'll see by 5pm... good luck to me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meal Break Run

You know, we are nocturnals. We work at night. We call ourselves call boys... not literally and professionally though :-). We work in a customer service environment. So we can relate to all those BPO and call center employees who share about their experiences in taking in calls... hearing all those foreigners cursing and bloody complaining at all times... well not all the time. 

During our "lunch break", Boying decided to make a short run around Cebu Business Park. He later called those runs Meal Break Run. My first meal break run was last week when I decided to "break in" Nikia. I was with Leo Ironman Mitch and Boying. Nikia's  break in route is from the  Pioneer House to Gorordo to Mango Ave to Fuente Osmena to Jones Ave to Capitol to Escario to Gorordo passing UP Cebu to JY Square to Salinas Dr. down to Juan  Luna right turn to Cardinal Rosales then left turn to Samar Loop (near Keppel and Lexmark) and turn our way back to Pioneer House. Distance? 8kms. Not bad for Nikia's break in and my first meal break.

This morning is my 3rd meal break run. The 2nd was last Monday with newbie runner Jay. We had a 6k route. This morning was around 9.11kms. Not bad at all. Sad thing I had a swollen right foot after the run. :-(

Nevertheless, the feeling was great. And I intend to do more meal break runs. 

Here's a screenshot of Nikia's training on dailymile.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This time.. it's Max Limpag!

"Si Max maoy hinungdan aning tanan!" 

I was laughing out loud when I uttered these words. Max Limpag is the forerunner of the Friday Night Run. They call themselves Ungo. And now, I'm one of them. And I can say that loud and proud. Salamat Max!

Last Friday, in one of our runs, it was Dr. Yong and his ever beautiful wife Donna Cruz who were our guest runners. I remember when we were at our first stop at C24, I asked Boying to ask the runner/actress to have a photo ops with the Accenture adik runners... and Boying said, "Uwaw ko bai. Na-starstruck man gud ko!"

1.2.3. ngee... ok lang. basta all of us were enjoying. Not to mention Jack, Sheena and Kuya Jay (crap! I'm not even sure if that's his name).
si Adik ug si Katol during last Friday's Ungo Run.
(photo courtesy: CebuRunning)

Race the Sun

Here are my races so far...

-10-10 (5K)

My first run... with Aijeigh, Boying, Mitch and Koya Kim.

2nd Rotary Run (7K)
Yup, that's me in the center. Photo courtesy of CebuRunning.

Quota Run (6K)
I don't know where to find my pic for this run. So I got this from
CebuRunning. Here are my 3 friends from Accenture.

Pinay in Action (3K - with Aijeigh)

Pic to follow

The Great Lapu-lapu Run 2 (my first 10K)

with Boying and Doc Tata of PRC.

SRP Sundown Run (my 2nd 10K)

Katol and Aijeigh (she ran 3K - her 3rd race)

missed the ff runs: Hearts Day, Run for Sight, Cancer Awareness, Run to the Clouds, Citirun, Rundaue
and I wish nidagan ko... tsk tsk...


All because of Boying

I always say that my running addiction (sort of) is all because of Boying. The infamous Kirk Boying Milan -- my friend, my running mentor (he doesn't know that yet till now if he reads this!), my running mate along with Leo IronMan Mitch Jala, my kumpare -- is the cause of all these!

He started running last year. Well, I'm supposed to run with him and the Kanto Boyz. But time and schedule didn't permit me. So during the Pink Month, the running society celebrated Cancer Awareness Month. He ran for my mom. My mom died of breast CA 2 years ago. 

His race bib has my mom's name scribbled on it. That started it all.

Thanx Boying!

Running with Nikia

Who would have thought at age 33,  I am now addicted to running. Well, sort of… but here’s my POV. As long as my knees are OK, as long as my legs can do its job, and as long as my feet can run… then I will keep on RUNNING!

This site is dedicated to Nikia — my famed New Balance 749 ActiveA Gold Edition. Thanx to Aijeigh for this beautiful yet durable and kick-ass shoes.

Yes! I named her (as she is a she!). Nikia \n(i)-kia\ is a variant of Nicole(Greek) and Nikki(English), and the meaning of Nikia is “people of victory“… (according to

Nikia debuted last May 8 during the SRP Sundown Run. It’s her first race with 10K as her first race mileage.

My goal for now is to do my first 21K run. The 42K can wait… who knows I’ll reach that goal too. soon….


#85 01-09-11 01-10-10 1-10-10 10-10-10 1000kms 100kms 10K 11K 15K 1st Call Center Run 1st Cebu UltraMarathon 1st Naga Triathlon 2 bridges 21K 2348 3 bridges 34th Milo Marathon 3K 42K 46.15kms 4th Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy 5K 64K Ultramarathon 65K Ultramarathon Abellana Aboitiz Race to Reduce Accenture Accenture Running Club Adrian Catingub Adz Adz Catungud Agz Aherk Aijeigh Alex Junia All Saints' Day all souls day angst Annie Neric Any Given Sunday ARC Bacong baker's hill Balamban LSD beach run bigchiz Birthday Run Bonifacio Global City Boying BRC Brodie Wise Bucket List candle Cansaga carbo-loading CCC CCM 2011 CCM2012 Cebu City Marathon 2011 Cebu Executive Runners Club CebuRunning CERC cheez burgers Coast to Coast Ultramarathon Coffeecat conquer the hill dagan Dahilayan dailymile Dailymile Tri-City Run Dailymilers DARS Dindz Bartolabac DM Doc King2x Doc Reel Doc Reel Bontol Doc Tata donuts Dumaguete City E.A.T. Danao EAT Danao Energizer Nite Race Energizer Nite Run Eric Agaton Estan Cabigas First Marahon Friday Night Run FunnyBogdo Futsal Gary V. Haide Acuna Hotlegs Runner huarache iamkatol Jacob Ong Joy Polloso KAI Sandals kaon Kapamilya Run 2010 Kapuso Kassy Katol Kirk KSRP KT Tape Leo Ironman Leon Kilat's Retreat Looney Tunes Run LSD Manolito Saldivar Maple Tree Foundation Mary Anne Salomon Matteo Guidicelli Max Limpag meal break run Merry Christmas Mikaela Milo Cebu Route Milo Marathon Mitch Jala Mommy Twinkle Natash Cang NegOr Sprint Triathlon new balance 749 new PR Nike Nikia Noy Jopson October Pink Run 2010 Onze palawan Phalangging PIA pinay in action Pink Planet Sports Run PR Prodigal Runner puerto princesa QueenBogdo quota run Reel Running reflections Rey Maribao RH Runners Rochelle Tan rotary run Run 4 Q Run for Pasig Run for Q Run for Sight Run for the Footure run to the max 3 Runcheck Runner's Circle Runners' World Running Runniversary Runnr RunRio Silliman Cebu Alumni Silliman Run 2010 Silliman University Singapore SK Runners SLD snake island SRP SRP Sundown Run Standard Chartered Marathon suroy TBR Dream Marathon Team Powerpuff Boys Team Reborn Team Tyts Bogdo Team Yellow Jersey TeamTytsBogdo TG The Blind Runner The Bull Runner The Dailymile Runners The Great Lapu-Lapu Run the last frontier The Running Lawyer Think Pink Thrill of the Trail Bohol Titanium Runner TNF Tracker trail run Triathlon TTB Tuesday Group Twinkle Tyrone Tan underground river Ungo Ungo Triathlon Ungo TTB Ungo. Ungo Futsal Team University Run Unofficial Full Marathon VFF Flow VFF KSO Flow VFF KSO Trek VSMMC Wayne Plymale Wonder Colili Yellow Jersey ZipZone