Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Run Happy!

10 Things I Am Thankful For

There are many things that we are thankful for the year 2010. For some, it could be for good health, good business, good education, prosperous year, great career, or even having a great relationship. Let me thank some things that happened to me in the year 2010 especially in this sport that we all love - RUNNING!

Here are my 10 things that I am thankful for:

my first race
1. CCM 01-10-10 - this was my first race. Kumpare Kirk Milan invited me in September 2009, I wasn't able to join one race for that year. But luck is on my side. I was able to ran the first ever Cebu City Marahon in its 5K race. Since then, I was hooked! CCM 01-09-11 will be my Runniversary and will ran my very first Full Marathon! 

2. 19 Races for 2010 - Yes! I have completed 19 races for this year. I actually signed up for more than that but I missed Run for IT, Run for the Footure, Hearts Run, MO Plus Run and RunRio Leg 3 due to time constraints and family emergency. But all in all, I've finished all 19 races (16 of these races are held in Cebu City, one at the Fort Bonifacio in Metro Manila, one in Danao, Bohol and another one in Dumaguete City) were done with sweat and tears and had my personal bests at that!

Ungo runners after the CDU 5th University Run

3. A Shoe Story: Running with Nikia - this is my blog which I started last May 2010. The blog title came up when I had my new shoes -- New Balance 749; got it from a friend a few days before the SRP Sundown Run and named her Nikia which means "people of victory".

 4. Ungo - I am very thankful for my Ungo family. These runners have been very helpful and motivating all the way. I first joined last April and been active for a few months till I was into that Friday night running hiatus due to schedule constraints. Last August, I was able to run each Friday with this group. The Friday Night Runs from SunStar to IT Park is keeps us Ungo Runners bond together. Thanx to Max Limpag and the Ungo family for welcoming me.

5. Dailymile - I joined dailymile last April and since then, I was addicted to it. I already deactivated  my Facebook page but now I am logging my miles in dailymile. Met new friends from here and abroad thru this social networking site for athletes and runners like me. Thank you DMers!

me at the Milo 21K
6. Two Pikermis - Yes! I've ran two half-marathons this year. My first was during the 34th Milo Marathon Cebu Eliminations last September 05. My second was last October during the CitiGym Halloween Run. I beat my personal best and I am thankful I was able to pace with Agz the whole race. 

7. VFFs - I purchased my first Vibram Five Fingers (KSO Flow) last August and since then I was hooked to being a minimalist runner. I still use Nikia (NB 749) during transition running but most of my runs are with Phalangging (name I coined to my VFF. Thanx to Doc King2x Perez and Jacob Ong). I also purchased a second pair of VFFs (KSO Trek) and named him Spock (name courtesy of Doc Ling2x Abella). I will be running with Spock this CCM 2011.

TTB after the CitiGym Halloween Half Marathon

8. TeamTytsBogdo - ah! my ever fun-loving TTB family! Who can forget this group emerged because of the love for running tights! Well, I got two tights now and I got a TTB family to motivate me every single run! Thank you TTB!

9. Unofficial Full Marathon and Beyond - I had the courage to finish 46.15 kms from JY Square to Balamban with my fellow Ungo runners. This was my longest run so far and I was running with Phalangging. Yes, on VFFs! See story here.

@KM34 marker in Danao

10. 34K Birthday Run - Since I wasn't able to join the RunRio Leg 3 32K Run with my fellow TTB mates in Manila due to Dad's hospital confinement, I opted to ran from Cebu City to Danao City for 34 kilometers -- that's 1KM per year of my existence. Next year, I will do it again. Of course, adding 1KM!

"Sayang ang Miles" - as quoted by TTB mate Eric Agaton, sayang jud ang miles! From my first 5K race in 01-10-10 up to this afternoon's year-ender run, I was able to run a distance of 838.52 kilometers. Since I joined Dailymile in April, I was able to log 804 kilometers. 

These are just 10 things that I am thankful for. I know there are still lots to thank for but I'll just keep it this way. But most of all, I am thankful that the Lord gave me the strength and the courage to finish all the races, all the training runs, for all the blessings, the pains, the sores, the heat, the friends, the love, the spirit, the faith. Without Him, I am nothing. Thank you Lord!

Thank you all! May each of us be blessed with good health as we enter a new year. All the best for 2011!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beach Running Anyone?

greatChristmas "Bantay" Run / Short Beach Run 7.28 km00:52 07:09 pace
Our family went to the beach in Bacong, Negros Oriental today and I was excited to try running on the beach... turns out the stretch is just less than 100meters (toink!) so I just try it out anyway and ran to the edge of the resort and back (didn't log distance)...Then went out to the hi-way to meet up with fellow Ungo runner Lorebelle J. I remember very well what Daryl Lee I. asked me to do when I'm with her... to make "bantay" (look after / take care of) for Belle while Daryl is away. So we did a chillax run along the hi-way, made a few rounds at the municipal grounds while enjoying the nice weather and pollution-less province...the people kept on staring at us as they weren't used to see runners kicking some asphalt!
To Daryl Lee I.: Mission Accomplished! It was a nice Christmas Run indeed!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all. 

We are the Reason

As little children
Be the dream of Christmas morn
And all the gifts and joys
We know we'd find
But we never realized
A baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

We were the reason
That He gave His life
We were the reason
Jesus suffered and died

To a world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

As the years went by
We learned more about gifts
The giving of ourselves
And what that means
On a dark and cloudy day
A man hung dying in the rain
Because of love, because of love, because of love.

Everytime I see the cross
I'm reminded that he gave his life for you and me.
We are the reason that he gave his life,
we are the reason why the Lord suffered and died.
To a world that was lost he gave all he could give,
To show us the reason to live.

We are the reason but he is the reason we live
thank you my Jesus
thank you my Jesus

Music by Gary V.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Taper Time!

With about three weeks before the Cebu City Marathon, every runner who is training for this running event should be starting in their tapering week. 

Last Saturday, when I was responding to Wayne Plymale's questions for his runner feature blog, a lady asked if I am joining the running clinic at the Active Zone in Ayala. She actually noticed that I was wearing my VFF KSO Trek. I gladly said yes to her. She then introduced herself as Marie Calica, the editor in chief of Runners' World Philippines. 

With Marie was Beth Siojo, a mult-awarded triathlete, a serial marathoner, and a columnist of Runners' World Philippines. Beth shared to us that the final three weeks are the most important weeks in any marathon program. 

Here are some tips that I learned from her discussion:
  • stick with the same running schedule but  decrease total mileage from last week by at least 20 percent
  • take in a lot of protein
  • buy the shoes you plan to wear in the marathon, and wear them on most of your runs until race day
  • on the day before the race, jog around 3K to take the edge off your pent-up energy so you'll sleep better that night
  • do carbo-loading in the last 3 days before the race 
  • be sure to prepare your race outfit, shoes, timing chip, number, bag and map to the start are set out the night before the race day
  • eat light at least 2 hours before the race, such as oatmeal or a banana
I can't recall the others things anymore. But at least I get to learn some from the expert. :-)

On another note, we celebrated the birthday of fellow Ungo runner Adrian Catingub with a 33K run. That was our last LSD prior to taper week. We ran from Consolacion to Catmon and finished off with good food and beach time.

Birthday Run with Adz (guy beside the KM33 marker)

Well, it's Taper Time indeed. But goodluck to all this Christmas season. Lots of food and carbs await us but just remember to eat light and burn those calories.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the lenses of Mikaela: Shots from the 1st Cebu UltraMarathon

Sorry for this late post. But I just got to do this.  :-)

I was asked by a lot of runner friends how come I didn't join the 1st Cebu UltraMarathon. Apparently, they knew I was able to conquer the 46.15kms route from JY Square to Balamban Proper last October (see story here). I was actually my longest run in terms of distance and time.

But my answer for that question was I am just not that ready for an UltraMarathon. Though a major part of me wants to run the Ultra but my body and mind says otherwise. As you can recall in my previous blog, I ran 34kms during my birthday and I can imagine to ran 50kms a week that.

Ungo runners: the best support crew!
Anyhow, weeks before the historic event, I decided to be part the support crew for the Ungo UltraMarathoners. Our support team composed of the ever supportive Doc King2x, Adz, Agz and Alex were stationed at KM27. We had a lot to give -- motivational banners home-made cookies, bananas, Hammer Gel, jelly ace, chocolates, pasta, Gatorade, water, sponges, some good dance music and Red Horse beer. Yes! We served that for those who wants to add more kick in the run. Of course, we gave all our Ungo love and support!

And I brought with me my Mikaela - my trusted Nikon D70s and my goal was to take photos of each runner and just be able to capture this amazing event. Runner after every runner Mikaela's shutter was just capturing the run. Out of 180 plus runners who joined the UltraMarathon, I have managed to capture almost all of them. Below are photos of runners and support crew members who are part of this amazing event.

 These are some of the first few elite runners who passed by our station.

I guess this runner (forgot his name) doesn't need water yet as he just passed by our station fast! :-)

 BDM 102 survivors (Bataan Death March) Junrox Roque and Michelle Estuar also passed by our station and thanked us for the support we gave them. Both elite runners are now training for next year's BDM150. You guys are sooo amazing!

Of course who can forget Daryl Igot who was the first Ungo Runner to made a quick stop at our station. He rested and ate some of our cookies and bananas. And of course being the RH Runner himself, he gladly took a cup of our Red Horse beer! 

While Daryl was resting, the 3 ladies offered some foodie to this runner... including the dog as "pulutan" for the Red Horse beer. just kidding...

 Some of the runners get special treatment as they get sponges soaked in cold water. Mind you, most of them are not Ungo Runners. But we don't discriminate!

 RH Runner Marben Golez took care of his shoe while Steve Ferraren received a sponge from Alex.

 Who says UltraMarathon isn't FUN?

And we were all inspired to see Jovie "Bald Runner" Narcise himself in flesh.

FrontRunner Magazine pubblisher Jonel goofing around with our crew. It was him who brought the UltraMarathon experience in Cebu. Thank you Sir Jonel!
 TTB Runner Christian "FunnyBogdo" Cullen always wearing that signature smile while other runners came thru as well.

 Serial marathoner and Tinago barangay councilor Joel Garganera took his oath of office after crossing the finish line. 

But no one can ever forget Edward Tan Ting and Jacob Ong who we call the Huarache Boys. They ran 50K wearing home-made rubber sandals called Huaraches. 

 RH Runner (with white Ungo shirt) paced with 3 other runners. Ungo runner Victor Chan also came along.

Left: Fellow blooger and dailymile Jurein in his mohawk.
Right: a VFF runner. He was one of the 4 ultramarathoners who wore VFFs in the entire 50K race.

Dr. Alex Junia posed for a photo with the Ungo ladies.

 UltraMarathoner and my idol Atty. Haide Acuna just enjoying the run. 

 Fellow Ungo Runners Brian Padilla, Mommy Twinkle Ignacio and Gary Garcia (Be Resorts GM) also enjoying the run. Brian later on finished last in the race and though he didn't finish in the cut-off time, he was still awarded the finisher's plate by Jonel Mendoza himself. I was happy to get to Brian at last few kilometers and walked with him to the finish line. See separate story here.

Yep, that's me with a small megaphone running back towards the station to get some sponge. Our crew joined the other Ungo crew assigned in Ayala Heights. :-)

Brian Padilla take a quick chat with us when we converged with the another Ungo support station manned by Ryan Gonzaga and Coleen Digman. (photo by Alex)

And while waiting for the other runners to arrive, we did some photo ops ourselves.
Coleen and Doc King2x enjoyed the afternoon ambiance while Adz enjoyed his power nap.

AND THE FINISHERS ARE.... drum roll please....

RH Runners Creas, Daryl, Rico and Dan (and a fellow finisher) seen here with Syd and Baby Garci

 Christian Cullen with wifey Katol (my female version) | Master Ungo himself Max Limpag with proud wife Marlen 

  Tito Vildosola and wife Irene | Marathon Foodie herself Haide Acuna 

  Mommy Twinkle Ignacio - she ran with her full costume | Eric "da UltraBogdonator" Agaton - finishing strong inspite with his cramps. It took awhile until he can walk again at the finish line 

  Jun2x Tan with Agz & Alex | Doc Alex Junia

  Martin Ibanez | Ultramarathoners from Manila (sorry I forgot to ask for their names)  

But above all else, for me this race isn't just about who crossed the finish line but also to those who supported them all the way. I'm referring to the Ungo Runners who without discrimination have supported each and every runner in this historic race.

Thank you to all UNGO SUPPORTERS! Congratulations to all ULTRAMARATHONERS!

Special mention to the ff Ungo finishers: Daryl Igot, Garry Garcia, Marben Golez, Dr. Willie Estepa, Gabby Lariosa, William Jatulan, Tito Vildosola, Dan Morales, Vard Atuel, Eric Agaton, Garganera, Cadjing Pelicano, Rico Dale Petallar, Christian Cullen, Bennet Silario, Victor Chan, Twinkle Ignacio and Dr. Alex Junia. Ungo Runners Marco Albeza and Brian Padilla arrived at the finish line after the official cutoff but were recognized as finishers.

Next stops for next year: Cebu UltraMarathons 60K and 65K! hmmmm.... thinking.... 

*You can check out the photo slideshow of the Cebu Ultramarathon thru my PicasaWeb Album here.


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