Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Road to CCC

It's been a while since I've actually updated my blog. The last post was in June for the No to Mining in Palawan support.Thru the busy days at my new work, it made running a second priority.

Well, after seriously contemplating for the past few months, I have finally decided last October 30 that I will participate in the Cebu Century Challenge now named as Century Properties Ultramarathon 2011. I've heard that some 157 special idiots will brave the roads from the Bogo Old City Hall to Plaza Independencia here in Cebu City. That's approximately 102kms from start to finish.

I can still remember the Coast to Coast Ultramarathon last May 1 wherein I braved the roads from Balamban to Cebu Capitol passing thru the dreaded hills of Cansomoroy. It was indeed painful but fun! And two days after that event, I immediately sent a message to the frontRunner publisher and organizer Jonel Mendoza that I will be running the CCC on Saturday, November 19th.

For the past five months or so, my training was not that great. Well, not even close to good. I had the chance to ran from Dumaguete to Lalaan in San Jose and back with Ate Honey Flores-Chandiramani last July. I gave in to her plan to reach her longest distance at 31kms. And she did great! As for me, I begged off to end at the 26th kilometer right at the heart of the city. That was my second longest run so far.

The simulation run from Bogo to Danao City last October went well. Except that I declared myself DNF when I reached the 42K mark. I was exhausted and dehydrated. With no proper training and mileage, I decided to stop. Well, it was a good call. That was my longest by far.

In about 34hours from this writing, I will be joining the run of my life. This will be very special as this is my Birthday Run and I dedicate this run especially to Agatha, to Mika and the rest my family.

More dedications will be announced once I cross the finish line. :-)

Well, this is it! There is no turning back! The road to CCC may be hard but I will take it easy. Something great will happen at the finish line! wooot!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Please say NO to mining in Palawan!

Say NO to mining in Palawan. There are already about 1.2 million signatures saying NO to mining to the Philippine's Last Frontier. 

I went to Palawan in July 2010 and I was amazed with its stunning beauty. I took several photos. Some can be here in my photoblog: Last Frontier and Wonders in Palawan. And when I heard about the mining story lat February, I can't help but be furious about it. So I decided to help!

Let's help protect Palawan's biodiversity and UNESCO sites from mining. Save Palawan. Save its People. Sign the Petition at

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wanna Tri This?

Swim (750m), Bike (20km), Run (5km)

Body markings starts at 5:30AM

Race starts at 7AM

Awarding of medals and certificates will follow.

Registration Fee: P450 (Individual or Tandem/Relay)
(Inclusive of Tshirt, Race kit, Certificate, and FULL meal)

Race Day Registration: P500

For more info: 

Katrina - 09228218852
Joey - 09321519073

Registration forms available at Track and Field Stadium in Dumaguete City.


PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO INDICATE YOUR TSHIRT SIZE on the registration form! For those who will register on or before June 8, 2011, tshirts will be released on the race day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ultramarathon virgin no more!

“Any idiot can run a marathon, but it takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon.” Anonymous

After running 65.33 kilometers last Sunday, I must admit I am already a special idiot myself. I joined the Labor Day Coast to Coast 65K Ultramarathon: Only the Strong with only one mission in mind – to cross the finish line in 12hours or less. I crossed the finish line at 11 hours, 23 minutes and 23 seconds. I was the 161st runner out of 219 starters. Only 187 runners made it to the 12-hour cut-off time.

This is the second ultramarathon instalment in Cebu brought by the frontRUNNER magazine and its editor-in-chief and publisher Jonel Mendoza. Sir Jonel added 15K from last year’s first ultra. This year, we started from the old municipal hall of Toledo, ran to Balamban town, and then traversed the killer hills of Cansomoroy to the long and winding transcentral highway and end up at the Cebu Capitol.

Days before I decided to run this ultra, my mind is already set that I will divide the whole distance into three. I told myself that I will ran three half marathons. The remaining 2-3kms will be a homestretch fun run.

First 21K: Galloway Method

My adoptive running brother Marvin Pangan aka Kuya Kim of Team CB (Cool Buddies) paced with me from the start up to the first 21K. We did the 4:1 Galloway method and it went very well. Our goal that time was to reach 40kms in 6.5hours. We made it at almost 7hours.

I wasn’t able to befriend the killer hills of Cansomoroy. They were my enemies that time. My left quads and right hamstring acted up. I can’t help but limp as I continuously walked the dreaded route. But I said to myself that I was lucky enough to do hill training at least twice in Busay and at Alta Vista. At least I was able to endure the 840-meter elevation of Cansomoroy.

On the other hand, the downhills were my friends. I’d make sure to run and keep up with the pace. I was clocking an average speed of 6:30 mins/km on every downhill run. It was just so hard for my knees and legs and feet to hold with my 80kgs weight. Fortunately, I didn’t suffer any injury during this experience.

Second 21K: LSS

When I was a kid, I used to sing at Church. One of the many songs I recalled when I was walking up the killer hills was “I’ve Got Peace like a River” which I’ve been singing since I was small. So when I was conquering a steep hill, this song was my Last Song Syndrome. And I repeated it six times each hill.            

This is the most gruelling and challenging part of the route. I remembered last year when I ran this route but that was from JY to Balamban. This time, it’s the other way around. I thought I’m done walking and running the hills but I was wrong. There were more uphills and downhills. I’m just that glad that the elevation was not as high as that of Cansomoroy.

Third 21K: Umbrella Hat

Weather gurus were right about the weather condition and temperature for May 1 -- cloudy skies in the morning to little drizzling to clear skies and sunny by noon. So I donned the official Ungo Team Ultra shirt, my TG zebra socks, white cap and black shorts, white sleeves, sunglasses and Halo headgear, and of course, my yellow umbrella hat. I figured that it will be really hot by mid-day so I bought one the day before the race.

Alas! The sun was up! It was a high 33.2 degrees Celsius and the heat was really painful. So my yellow umbrella just did the trick. It covered my face down to my shoulders. Since I changed my headgear when I reached the TG station at the Leyson Peak, cheerers, bystanders and even motorists can’t help but stare at me. Kids would laugh, smile and cheer. In return, I gave the chocolates I reloaded in my belt bag to them.


I felt relieved after seeing the Marco Polo Hotel in Lahug. I told myself that I will run as fast as I can and make a strong finish. I passed one runner after another. All in all, I passed 10 runners from the last 3kms down to the finish line. I passed barefooter-teammate Rodney Cabahug who was already injured. He was already suffering from ITBS. I tapped his back and told him I will see him at the finish line.

Elite runner Joel Cuyos approached me and poured cold water on my shoulders and nape. I continued to run. After a few hundred meters, I saw Joel running after me and poured water again to my neck and shoulders and saying that I can do it. He can already see my face crying in pain. My knees wobbled and my legs are hurt.

I knew that my family will be there at the finish line as I instructed Agatha to send a text to my brother. They were at the Capitol since 2PM waiting for me. Looking at my Garmin, it’s been more than 11 hours that I have been running and I am already tired. But when I reached Capitol, I saw my family waiting and cheering for me at the sideline. I was so overwhelmed that when I climb up the stairs, I readily took off the umbrella hat and my shirt, knelt and kissed the ground. It was just an amazing finish!

Outstanding Support

I am glad to have my better half Agatha Llamasares as my mobile support crew. She and Daryl Igot were on a scooter motorcycle braving the hills and continually giving me aid, water, energy drink, and anything that can make endure the route. They are my unsung heroes.

Teammate Adrian Catingub was also there to provide extra mobile support. Although he is officially supporting my fellow TG mates Kingking Perez and Ryan Gonzaga, he also provided me with anything I need on the way.

The Ungo Running community also fielded support stations throughout the route. They are everywhere – wearing the smiley shirts and you can’t help but smile when you see them.  They have everything you need from water, Gatorade, sponge, ice, chocolates, cookies and even a massage.

My TG support crew were strategically stationed at the Leyson Peak. You can see them scram from their station to help an injured runner, to spray water in our faces, to massage our tired limbs, to capture your running moment, and to simply put a smile on your face. I couldn’t help but laugh at a sign they specially made for me. It says “Bahala’g OPAW basta dili UHAW! Go Richie Al!”. 

What’s next for me?

When I shook the hand of Sir Jonel Mendoza and thanked him for the experience, he replied and said “Ano, 102 na tayo?”. (Obviously, he was referring to the next ultra this November). I was laughing but deep inside I was contemplating if I would run. But two days after the ultramarathon, I was one of the few runners who wrote on Sir Jonel’s Facebook page. I asked him to reserve the bib #116 for me this coming November for the Cebu Century Challenge. 
Thank you Agatha!

102K Birthday Run? Hmmmm..... 

Thanx to Alex Llamasares and Sydney delos Reyes for the photos.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bring it on!

oh yes! after 2 full marathons (ccm 2011 and leon kilat's retreat), i will now face another challenge in my running addiction. on sunday, may 1, 200+ runners will do one crazy thing... to run 64K (or so) from toledo city to the cebu capitol via the transcentral hiway in balamban town. i will be one of those 200+ runners.

ccm 2011 has taught me alot of things. to train hard. to listen to your body. and to be more humble. it was indeed a humbling experience. i was running with my vffs (yes! the whole 42k on barefoot vibrams!).... i realized that i wont be doing the same thing on sunday. although last year, i took the challenge to run from jy square to balamban on vibrams. some 46.15kms. that was my longest run so far.

the leon kilat's retreat was also a humbling experience. although it wasn't a race, some 59 brave souls run from the cebu capitol to carcar city in the south. the distance was about 39kms but i managed to run back and forth to support crew stations just to finish an entire 42kms full marathon. i was running with my new balance marshmallow shoes that time. and i was injury-free!

on sunday, i will dedicate that run for my mom, Rev. Rizalina Bertoldo Villagante, who passed away last march 11, 2008. inspite of her struggles and pain before, she has continued to she inspire a lot of people. she is my inspiration. i will also dedicate this run for my dad, the Rev. Jose Nava Villagante. he will turn 64 years old this july 11 and i will ran 1km per year of his life. 

i pray that i will finish the race. and i know i will finish strong. time may be an enemy. but the 12hours cut-off time will be my friend. heat and exhaustion will be my enemies too, but i will befriend them so as to motivate myself to push harder and further. and i know in every narrow road or any long and winding road, Jah will be there guide me. my mom will be my running angel. 

thanks in advance to my Ungo, TTB, 10C and Tuesday Group families. your support is much appreciate. as what we did last year... no one gets left behind. so thank you.

so.... BRING IT ON!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Training Progress

DM Mileage: 1137.62 kms (April 2010 to present)
Actual Mileage: 1165.08 (January 2010 to present)

Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oozing at Onze

Last year, I asked my good friend Mister Google what Onze means but unfortunately, there was no exact meaning about the word. But I remembered Maam Sheila telling me before that they named the place Onze because it’s actually their house number. So I figured that it’s actually Once (in Spanish) and was just spelled as Onze to make it sound “saucy”. Note: this is just my own observation. 

Onze is owned by fellow Ungo Runner Sheila Apepe Colmenares. Maam Sheila calls herself the Golden Girl Runner. She and her 3 kids helped out in preparing and serving of the food and drinks. Of course, the ever helpful Ate Cerile is always there to wrap things up for you.

Located at 11 Orchid Street, I considered this cozy resto bar my haven. My first visit to Onze was last November when Agz and I had a nice time chatting and drinking beer. We were sitting at the outdoor sofa and just chilling out and we didn’t even notice time had gone so fast.

Onze serves San Miguel Light and Red Horse beers, Tanguy Ice and a few short orders. But now they added a new set meal in their menu: a choice chicken, fish or pork; served with mixed veggies and macaroni salad; a dessert and iced tea. And the price? – just 148 pesos!                


On Valentine’s Day, Agatha and had our dinner at Onze. I pre-ordered the set meal (with fish as my choice) and was instantly salivating just seeing the dish. The fish is tender, so juicy and was served with garlic. The mixed veggies complimented the main dish. 

main dish with the molten lava

After a few spoonfuls of our well-cooked meal, I quickly munched the dessert.  Agz can’t get over the taste of the vanilla ice cream. We had to order some more dessert. We had the Molten Lava and it was indeed a perfect pair for our main dish.

If your weakness is sweets, then the Molten Lava is the perfect must-have at Onze. It is served with Brownies bursting with yummy chocolate syrup topped with vanilla ice cream. Now I call that lip-smacking!


Onze also serves short orders. They call it Kwikies (not the one you’re thinking... you naughty, you!). Their best-selling Lasagna is really a must-try for the first-timers. Other Kwikies include calamares (I once ordered this but paired with rice), chicken sandwich, tuna melt sandwich, fries and kropek.

Calamares and Lasagna 


Desserts are as welcoming in Onze. Aside from the Molten Lava, they also serve Peach Cobbler (also topped with vanilla ice cream), Creamy Flan, Chocolate Fondeau and Sylvanas con Crema. If you like going Pinoy, they have this delicious Suman embedded with sliced ripe mango and served with native tsokolate or tablea.

Runners’ Refuge

Ungo Runners during Max's Bday
Since its opening last October 10, 2010, Onze became a haven for runners like me. Running groups Ungo, TeamTytsBogdo and RH Runners, goes to Onze for some re-hydration especially after a hard day’s run or simply celebrating after a completing a big race. 

Last week, Ungo Supremo Max Limpag celebrated his birthday with a night run and everyone headed to Onze for some delectable Lasagna and wine. And last year, Dailymiler friend and serial marathoner Wayne Plymale had a kick of Red Horse at Onze. He also had his first taste of balut there.

L: Katol with the singles last V-Day | R: Max enjoying his birthday at Onze

The homey feeling at Onze makes this a come-on haven for me and Agatha. The place is simply very modest. The food tastes really good and it’s cheap. I would love to make this my own refuge.

It was a gastronomic love affair for me and Agatha last Valentine’s Day.  Onze just made it simple yet perfect.

Hmmm.. would love to have the Tuesday Group to go to Onze next week.

*burp* Excuse me! J

11 Orchid St. Capitol Site, Cebu City
In close proximity to STK and Yayoy's Grill
Very near to Hotel Asia and BOs Coffee (near Cebu Doctors Hospital)

Opens from 7:30 pm to 12 MN (open everyday Monday to Sunday)
Usually, last call for food is at 12-12:30MN

FREE WIFI for those who want to make use of it.

Photos by: Belle, Arianne, Ray & Sam

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1000kms in Running

Today marks my 1000kms in Running.
Thank you to all my DM, TTB and Ungo Family
for all the support, motivations and inspiration. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Try Try Triathlon

Note: This will be an addicting sport!

When Ungo running couple Doc Kingking and Adz decided to organize the 1st Ungo AA Triathlon, I didn't hesitate to join as this will be my first time to do the swim-bike-run challenge.

Last Sunday's triathlon as one hell of an experience. Although there are some factor that made me think twice about joining -- if I can swim 750meters or bike 20kms or run 5K!

Try Try Triathlon

At first, I was hesitant to swim and I decided that I will just do the bike and run events. But at the last minute, I decided to do the swimming leg anyway. Without proper training in swimming, I headed to the chest-deep water with other fellow Ungo runners. I made it to the 750meter-swim (+ walk) leg!

Good thing Doc Kingking allowed me to use her mountain bike. Although I know to ride a bike but I am not much into biking or cycling. I even forgot to adjust the saddle height of the bike. The bike leg was also crucial as we rode off up until the 29th KM marker in Danao City while the sun is up and the big trucks just zoom by without warning. I headed back to the venue (Seafront Resort) all in one piece (although my butt hurts!) and ready to run.

I ask my PR Agatha to pace with me in the 5K run leg. I decided to run slow so that I can conserve my energy towards the finish line. Not to mention that my legs start to wobble. We stopped at the turning point -- our famous buko juice stop in Liloan. We drank buko juice to rehydrate and head back to make one loop. We were supposed to make 2 loops but the other runners decided to do one loop instead. We then head to the finish line. I finished 8th among 11 participants with a time of 1:32:46.


Last Sunday's triathlon experience was very fulfilling. It inspired me to do better. I know swimming is my weakest sport. But I've realized that proper training can make myself stronger in the sport. I can bike and run so I just need to train in swimming.

Last Sunday was also a day of thanksgiving as it was also a post-birthday celebration of fellow Ungo Runner Brian Padilla. 

To Do List:
  • train for swimming
  • do more spin classes with Syd
  • buy my own bike 
  • run more marathons
  • join Ungo Triathlon ver 1.10

Thanx to Adz and Doc King2x for organizing the event. And to all members of Ungo Tri for making a difference... THANK YOU!

Now did I say this sport is addictive? 

When is Version 1.10?

*Special thanx to our Photographers: James Go, Sydney, Doc King2x, Victor and Belle.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



How dare you REY FERDINAND MARIBAO malign the UNGO name? 

How dare you REY FERDINAND MARIBAO make fun at fat people?

So what if the Ungo Runners jog and walk during our Friday Night Runs!

So what if we are FAT!?!

So f*cking what!!! Do you have a problem with that?





Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Group

If you're from the Philippines and you were born sometime in the 80's or the 90's then you must have heard (or seen on TV) about That's Entertainment in GMA-7.  Of course who would forget the man behind this fad -- Kuya Germs himself.

There were "groups" who perform live on television each day. Each day constitute a "group". The Tuesday Group by far has the most number of members and has the most popular and talented members. The likes of Judy Ann Santos, Jestoni Alarcon, Janno Gibbs and then child star Billy Joe Crawford were active members of the Tuesday Group.

Sad to say the show lasted for only 10 years. Their last show was aired on March 1996.

Fast forward to 2010 (yes! just last year around November!), a group of young and energetic runners trained for their maiden marathon. Each Tuesday, these runners gather at the Cebu City Sport Center to do some drills, intervals, recovery runs, and GGB runs. They actually call these runs as "hamster mode" runs.

And each Tuesday, the group will always find time to bond and share laughters and cheers during dinner time. They also motivate each other thru Dailymile and/or Facebook or watch a movie before hitting the tracks. Bottom line is, they are just having fun.
Tuesday Group at the Cybergate (01.25.2011)
The Tuesday Group is actually composed of Ungo Runners Lorebelle Parcon (Miss Congeniality), Kristian Paul Garciano (Baby Garci), Sydney delos Reyes (the Spinner), Agatha Lllamasares (Momi-Marathoner), Daryl Lee Igot (Mister Congeniality) Frexchard Ramos (the Prodigal Runner), Ryan Gonzaga (the sub-hangak Runner), Hazel Sanchez (the Belly Dancer cum Runner), King2x Perez (the Dangling Runner), Adrian Catingub (the Promising Triathlete) and Richie Villagante (the Bumming Runner).

You see, these group isn't exclusive. We actually welcome newbies or other runners out there. Just show up at the oval (before the city government will renovate it) and then run with us... or eat or drink or run... whichever you are comfortable with. :-)

So see you guys next Tuesday for another round of sumptuous dinner and of course... running the hamster mode way!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is the result when you have nothing to do at home. Being a professional bum that I am right now, I took the time to re-arrange some online "stuff" including my running and photo blogs. I took the liberty of changing my running blog from A Shoe Story: Running with Nikia to iamkatol: kaon.suroy.dagan. The link of the former is not anymore available. I felt it was easy to use my old one ( For a time this link was used as a photoblog. So I changed my photoblog link to

I also realized that being the adventurous and spontaneous that I am, my running blog will now feature not just the stories of my runs and races but also other things such as stories of my past, present and future travels and adventures and anything that I ate along the way; and simply the passion that I am into now -- running.

I will still use those shoes featured before -- Nikia (my NB749), Phalangging (my VFF KSO Flow) and Spock (my VFF KSO Trek). Recently, I just added a new pair for running called KAI Sandals. These are variations of the Huarache Sandals used in Mexico before.

My Bucket List still stays. Those to-do-lists will still be done...

Kaon.Suroy.Dagan. These are Cebuano words and it means Eat, Travel, Run. So my new blog will be about Foodtrip, Adventure, Running. Eating healthy, living healthy, travel, going for an adventure, trek, swim, live, run, love -- these are just a few of the things that I wish to do. Some of these things may not be done here in Cebu but also in my hometown in Dumaguete (thus the tricycle with a Dumaguete sign).

I missed the mountains. I used to do trekking, spelunking, mountaineering or just simply climb and commune with nature. These will be my part of my priority list this year too!

So... c'mon! KAON.SUROY.DAGAN ta!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running my First Marathon on my First Runniversary

CeIt ALL comes down to THIS! ALL meaning all the sweat, blood and tears and in all my training from the previous year and THIS meaning running my first full marathon on my first year in running.

I ran my first 5K in last year’s 01-10-10 Cebu City Marathon. A year after, last Sunday, I ran my first full marathon during the much coveted and well-organized Cebu Marathon 2011. I am now a full-fledged marathoner.

This is it!

This was the statement that came into my mind when I and my running partner Agatha Llamasares checked in to the runners’ holding area just a few minutes before the gun start. After a few meters of running as warm-up and stretches and photo ops with fellow Ungo and TTB mates, I knew that after the race, this will change a lot in me.

Before finally pushing ourselves towards the crowd of runners – first-timers like me and elites being up front – I caught up with Blas Ople Tianco – the Titanium Runner – who was lacing up his shoes and donning his sub-5hour pacer shirt and the balloons. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand. And boy, I am glad to hear his words about me saying, “mag-42K ka naka-ganyan? (“You’re running 42K with those?”). Yeah, he was referring to my gorilla feet in VFFs. J

The Race

The race was very well-organized. The start of the race was on time and fireworks filled the air when we crossed the starting line. We had our own runners’ lane – one-half of the roads were closed just to accommodate all the 1,000 plus marathoners who joined this year’s 2nd instalment of the Cebu Marathon.

The sounds of drums and live bands as well as the cheers of the spectators were music to my ears. They were hyping up my adrenaline as we head towards the main road from starting line at the I.T. Park in Lahug.

SRP (Tunnel and Highway)

This year’s race was different but special as the organizers (CERC – Cebu Executive Runners Club) negotiated with the City Government and finally gave a green light in closing the SRP Tunnel. Last year, they only close the SRP highway. But the runners didn’t pass under the tunnel. This was a very god move. Although our Garmin and other GPS watches lost the satellite signal in the tunnel, but it didn’t actually matter to us as we entered and greeted with CERC support crew led by Doc Reel Bontol. He along with some Ungo support volunteers (Maam Jojo Osorio and Irene Vildosola) hyped the tunnel with loud Lady Gaga music, ample water supply and liniments for runners who might experience cramps and all that pain.

I actually suggested to Doc Reel to put some red horse beer in their support station as I would love to drink beer while on the run. It will surely give me a kick. But I knew it wasn’t allowed. J

Running on the entire SRP highway is not a joke. The whole course was comprises 24kms in the entire 42k race. We were practically running a half-marathon in the SRP alone. Well, more than that!

But as we continue to pound on the asphalt towards the turning point at the SRP, I prayed that I will continue to maintain the same pace. And seeing my TTB mates made it to the turning point and waving at me saying the turning point is just up ahead is just a relief.  

No Pain, No Gain

Agz and I were actually running every 5-6 streetlamps and then walk about 2-3 of them. This was our strategy since we crossed the bridged at the SRP (now re-entering the Cebu side of the SRP highway).

But pain struck me hard when we’re around 2kms away from the tunnel.  By this time, Agz and I were caught up with running friend and my schoolmate Doc Ted Zamora pacing with the sub-6hour pacer. I figured this might be the “wall” already but I kept on telling myself to hang on. We entered back onto the tunnel and were greeted again by our fellow runners. This time, I decided to put liniment on my right thigh and knee which started to act up. This was at Km32.

The Last Stretch

The last 10K was like the hardest 10K that I’ve ever ran in all my races. The slight uphill along Jones Avenue, Mango Avenue and Gorordo Avenue (along UP Cebu) made me reminisce the uphill experience that I had last year when we conquer the Trancentral Highway en route to Balamban. This last stretch made me realize that we won’t make it to target – 6hours or less. But Agz was just there helping me and motivating me to push forward inspite of the pain. I can now feel the numbness of my 2 big toe nails. I knew that after the race, I will definitely have dead toe nails.

This last stretch was also very painful for my TTB mate Kenneth del Rosario. He was already suffering from cramps at KM16. I told Agz that we will wait for Ken and finish the race altogether when were passing by JY Square. Before I knew it, we can now see the tall buildings of I.T. Park. What a sight to behold.

Crossing the finish line

We then saw another teammate Boyet Cabrera who was actually waiting for Ken. He knew his condition so he decided to wait. The four of us ran side-by-side as Boyet and I waved the orange flags that we grabbed from the race marshals. We crossed the finish line altogether with an official time of 6hours, 25minutes and 48seconds.

Marathon Virgin No More

Yes! I finally did it! I finally conquered the Cebu City Marathon 2011. All the hardwork, all the training, the LSDs, the hamster-mode runs at the oval and all the road runs have paid off. I finally got my two mangoes. What a beauty!

CCM 2010 to CCM 2011

Last Sunday’s race was my Runniversary. And I am thankful for my kumpare Kirk Boying Milan for introducing me in this sport. I am now hooked! Cheers to all members of TeamTytsBogdo, RH Runners, Ungo Runners and all the Marathoners who crossed the finish line last Sunday. Cheers to us and to more marathons in the future.

Thank you Lord for giving me strength and the will to cross the finish line; and thank you to all Ungo, RH, TTB mates and all the dailymilers who have inspired me in all my runs. God bless you all!


with running friends

TTB with Team Powerpuff Boys of Manila

Ungo Runners: Marathon Virgins No More!

Thank you Alex Llamasares and Sydney delos Reyes for these great photos!

See complete slideshow thru the PicasaWeb here.  



#85 01-09-11 01-10-10 1-10-10 10-10-10 1000kms 100kms 10K 11K 15K 1st Call Center Run 1st Cebu UltraMarathon 1st Naga Triathlon 2 bridges 21K 2348 3 bridges 34th Milo Marathon 3K 42K 46.15kms 4th Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy 5K 64K Ultramarathon 65K Ultramarathon Abellana Aboitiz Race to Reduce Accenture Accenture Running Club Adrian Catingub Adz Adz Catungud Agz Aherk Aijeigh Alex Junia All Saints' Day all souls day angst Annie Neric Any Given Sunday ARC Bacong baker's hill Balamban LSD beach run bigchiz Birthday Run Bonifacio Global City Boying BRC Brodie Wise Bucket List candle Cansaga carbo-loading CCC CCM 2011 CCM2012 Cebu City Marathon 2011 Cebu Executive Runners Club CebuRunning CERC cheez burgers Coast to Coast Ultramarathon Coffeecat conquer the hill dagan Dahilayan dailymile Dailymile Tri-City Run Dailymilers DARS Dindz Bartolabac DM Doc King2x Doc Reel Doc Reel Bontol Doc Tata donuts Dumaguete City E.A.T. Danao EAT Danao Energizer Nite Race Energizer Nite Run Eric Agaton Estan Cabigas First Marahon Friday Night Run FunnyBogdo Futsal Gary V. Haide Acuna Hotlegs Runner huarache iamkatol Jacob Ong Joy Polloso KAI Sandals kaon Kapamilya Run 2010 Kapuso Kassy Katol Kirk KSRP KT Tape Leo Ironman Leon Kilat's Retreat Looney Tunes Run LSD Manolito Saldivar Maple Tree Foundation Mary Anne Salomon Matteo Guidicelli Max Limpag meal break run Merry Christmas Mikaela Milo Cebu Route Milo Marathon Mitch Jala Mommy Twinkle Natash Cang NegOr Sprint Triathlon new balance 749 new PR Nike Nikia Noy Jopson October Pink Run 2010 Onze palawan Phalangging PIA pinay in action Pink Planet Sports Run PR Prodigal Runner puerto princesa QueenBogdo quota run Reel Running reflections Rey Maribao RH Runners Rochelle Tan rotary run Run 4 Q Run for Pasig Run for Q Run for Sight Run for the Footure run to the max 3 Runcheck Runner's Circle Runners' World Running Runniversary Runnr RunRio Silliman Cebu Alumni Silliman Run 2010 Silliman University Singapore SK Runners SLD snake island SRP SRP Sundown Run Standard Chartered Marathon suroy TBR Dream Marathon Team Powerpuff Boys Team Reborn Team Tyts Bogdo Team Yellow Jersey TeamTytsBogdo TG The Blind Runner The Bull Runner The Dailymile Runners The Great Lapu-Lapu Run the last frontier The Running Lawyer Think Pink Thrill of the Trail Bohol Titanium Runner TNF Tracker trail run Triathlon TTB Tuesday Group Twinkle Tyrone Tan underground river Ungo Ungo Triathlon Ungo TTB Ungo. Ungo Futsal Team University Run Unofficial Full Marathon VFF Flow VFF KSO Flow VFF KSO Trek VSMMC Wayne Plymale Wonder Colili Yellow Jersey ZipZone