Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love your Heart

Yeah... it's just one of those Friday nights. I never thought I'd be running again on a Friday night. I used to be with friends and drink and party just like any yuppy out there. But things were different now. As you grow older and wiser, you'll be thinking about your health and be proactive about it.

But last Friday night was a different night for many Ungo Runners as we were motivated by someone who know too much about the heart and all the sense of that word. I am referring to Dr. Alex Junia, a practicing Cardiologist, and has been running for a one good reason: his Heart. Doc Alex started running in 2007 and has 6 marathons in his belt: two in Hongkong, two in Singapore and two Milo marathons.

Doc Alex spoke about listening to our hearts; about how it works and how it also stresses out. Just like the body, the heart will also bug down due to stress-related activities like drinking, smoking and too much work. He encouraged everyone to take a stress test at least once a year. This, he says, can help us monitor the heart condition. He added those who have parents and/or relatives that have heart problems i.e. hypertension, stroke, cardiac arrests, must seek a Cardiologist and see how far can they do strenuous activities. Doc Alex says we need to listen to our bodies. And that we should love your heart.

After the short talk comes the usual stretching before the actual run and of course camwhoring. Last Friday's Ungo Run was also unique with the presence of Trackers from the Cebu City Police Office. Three Trackers escorted the whole duration of the run - one escorting the lead pack, another in the middle and one sweeper. We are very thankful to Mr. Kenneth Casquejo who initiated this saying safety is always a concern for every runner.

Well, actually, I decided not to run last Friday but instead brought Mikaela and took photos of the whole run. Ungo Walkers Coleen, Irene, Richelle, Dexter and me were escorted by the sweeper Tracker from Sunstar till I.T. Park. But since Coleen can't resist the temptation to run, she made a few strides and run a few meters. But Richelle, who also most had a herniated slip disk, decided to take a rest and hop on to the motorcyle with the Tracker.

While most of the Ungo Runners were at the I.T. Park already, were were still doing our brisk walking and occasional runs. We even did the caterpillar run (term coined by Irene)... it's just simply having fun while we run.

Last Friday's run was indeed a unique one and I can say I did learned a lot from the whole experience. The Friday Night Runs may be an ordinary Friday night for me but with there will always be a twist.

So, if you love your heart, come run with us. Join the Ungo Friday Night Run!

**See all the photos thru PicasaWeb here. Alternatively, all photos were sent to Max Limpag. I asked him to upload the photos in the CebuRunning Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourselves there.

Happy 109th Birthday Silliman University

Today, my Alma Mater Silliman University is celebrating its 109th Founders Day. 

It's just sad that Nikia and I will not be able to go home in Dumaguete City to celebrate this year's founders' day. 

Damn! I missed the school. I missed the very laid back atmosphere. I missed walking from my house to the Boulevard. Well, I just missed everything about Silliman and Dumaguete.

Anyhow, last August 22, 20101, the Silliman University Cebu Alumni Association Inc. successfully hosted the Silliman Run 2010 held at the Ayala Terraces. It was a reunion of fellow Cebu-based Sillimanians. Nikia and I ran 10K in this race.

Consequently, the Alumni group also sponsored the Silliman Dinner For A Cause held at Wang Shan Lo Restaurant at the Crown Regency Tower Hotel along Jones Avenue in Cebu City. It was a night filled with friendship, camaraderie and music. 

Guests include Judge Candelario V. Gonzalez (Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees); Judge Cresencio Tan and Atty. Mik Maxino who is current Dean of the College of Law. Ate Inday Maxino who is currently the Director of the Alumni Affairs also graced the night and welcomed all Cebu-based Alumni. 

It was a reunion of friends from Silliman Univerity. My good friend Natasha Cang was one of the invited guests. She was crowned Miss Silliman in 1994. She graced the night with two beautiful songs. We had a great time talking and sharing those old stories. Imagine, it was 15 years ago when wen last saw each other.I must admit, she is still stunning and beautiful. 

Also, Sir Manoling Saldivar (my very own Physical Education teacher and family friend) was also invited to grace the affair. Sir Manoling was a semi-finalist of the Pilipinas Got Talent last Summer. He actually got three Yeses from the judges when he sang a version of Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti. (you can check out the youtube video clip here courtesy of my brother jonluigi).

The Silliman University Cebu Alumni Association Inc. is headed by Engr. Siegfred Sia and we thank all its Officers and Board of Directors for supporting all the the activities of the organiztion. The Silliman Run 2010, Dinner for a Cause and Alumni Caravan were surely a success!

For photos of the Dinner for a Cause, please see the picasaweb link and click on the slideshow.

Happy Birthday Silliman!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loyal will we be to Silliman

Jack and Katol after running 10K.
Loyal will we be to Silliman.
Here's a cheer, boys three times three
Silliman our Alma Mater
Silliman beside the sea.

We sang this second stanza of the Silliman Song before Pastor Haniel Taganas prayed for the sucess of the first ever Silliman Run 2010 - Run to Educate. This run was made possible by the Silliman University Cebu Alumni Association Inc.

Nikia and I ran 10K again. This time I paced with good friend Jack Morilla in the first 2kms of the race. I felt heavy so I slowed down a bit. The race was great... especially when I was on my last 2kms, I did saw some friends running on the other side of the road (and from the other race - Aboitiz Race to Reduce).

I saw Doc Izzy aka Fafa Fiolow and then Max Limpag of Ungo. The rest of the TTB runners followed: Eric, Charles and Chaho pacing together, Ken8, Coleen, Doc Tata, Micke, Doc King2x and Adz. RH Runners were there too.

Well, all of these guys were running their half-mary and some of them had their new PRs. As for me, I chose to ran for the Race to Educate as a support to the scholarship program of our alumni association. Our alumni president Siegfred Sia and the rest of the organizers did a great job in putting up this race inspite of the competing race in the different side of the city.

After the race, I also saw some familiar faces from Silliman University - long lost friends, batchmates and contemporaries. It was a reunion of some sort for all Cebu-based alumni as we also celebrate our 109th Founder's Day.

I am proud to be a Sillimanian. Loyal shall we e'er remain.

I brought Mikaela with me so we took some post-race photos: Silliman Run 2010

Next stop: 34th Milo Marathon Cebu Eliminations - my first 21K

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sayang ang Miles

I didn't realize Nikia and I had 44kms in our mileage this week. Felt great on this feat. For me, this is so far my longest distance training for an entire week. Having been running two 11-km hi-way runs and an Ungo Friday night Run... feels really good. A lot of my friends from dailymile have been inspiring me all this time. So to all of you... 


So to quote Eric Agaton of Team Tyts Bogdo (TTB) --  


Keep on running. See you on the road!

Note: previous post's image was 34kms. dailymile's week starts on a Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The date 10-10-10 only happens once in a thousand years. So this year's 10-10-10 would be very special to couples getting married; babies born on this date; and to some runners - a special day to run for a cause and be counted.

It was the El President of BRC (Buang Runners Club) Jack Morilla who mentioned to me one time that he will in Manila to take part of 10-10-10. It will be called the Run for the Pasig River 10-10-10.  Jack, who is also a member of the Accenture Running Club (ARC), encouraged me to join as well. Accenture committed to bring 3,000 runners to the 10-10-10 race and aims to be the largest delegation in this fun run.

The organizer of this race is the ABS-CBN Foundation's Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig and they will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the largest number of runners/participants joining a footrace. The organizers are aiming to have 120,000 runners on this day to surpass the world record of 110,000 runners in the Bay to Breakers Run in San Francisco, USA. 

There will be 4 running locations: 3K at SM Mall of Asia; 5K at the CCP Complex; 10K in Makati and a special 21K race for members of the military and police at the Luneta Park.

Aijeigh, Nikia and Katol decided to join this race. As promised, we will pace together in 5K Race. 

Those who are interested to join, you may register online thru:

See you there!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TNF Bohol Trail Run

This should be FUN!

We are in! Cebu DM Crew will join the TNF Bohol Trail Run come September 12. woohooo! I went to R.O.X. last night and I scanned the list of registrants for the 11K... Micke, Coleen, Doc King2x, Adz and me are slots only so register now...

Check out: - the site of the TNF Thrill of the Trail Bohol

Monday, August 16, 2010

University Run: The Heat is On

Ang init!!!!! Pero smile gihapon!

Katol with running loveedoods Tine and Popoy

Ungo +  TTB = Aherkz

Thank you Master Photographer Estan Cabigas for all these photos.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ungo Futsal: the game that was never played...

Aherk oi! This is the famous line of Dailymiler and new friend Coleen (aka Coleen Halili). She was the one who invited me to join the Futsal tourney last Tuesday night held at the City Sports Club. Consequently, Dailymiler Agatha also informed me that she will have a practice run at the Abellana tracks.

But I did went to the Futsal tourney anyway and donned my new red Nike football jersey. I met with some Ungo runners slash Futsal players Tito, Irene and the cute kids; Pam? and Coleen (with her blisters!) were there too. Sorry guys, I forgot the names of the others.

Anyhow, the sad thing was that the Ungo Futsal Team were not actually part of the tourney. Apparently, the team wasn't included in the final list of teams competing for the tournament. Aherk oi!

So after a few passes and kicks and so-called practice, we were instantly converted to a cheering team (for Tito's Brothers' Futsal Team). 

See the photos below courtesy of Mikaela. The Ungo Futsal Team decided to do camwhoring rather than playing futsal. :-)

Tito - powered by RH!

The Ungo in Red

Tito's Kid

Tito with his teammates

Well, see you on our Friday Night Runs! Aherk oi!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5th University Run

I'm so excited for this race on Sunday. This race will be my first University Run and will be supporting Doc Yong's Run for Sight Foundation. My last race was the Energizer Nite Race held at the Park Mall in Mandaue.

After 3 weeks of running hiatus, Niki and I will ran 10K with race bib # 501. Sayang la lang ko kapa-register beforehand... I could've one of those personalized race bibs... :-D

See you at the race!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Run for the Footure

Now this is one good run for a cause! Today's Run for the Footure was organized for the benefit of Congenital Clubfoot Babies and the Cancer Institute of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. 

Nikia and I were supposed to participate in this run but I just got out of the hospital and had strict doctor's orders not to do strenuous activities for at least a week.
But anyway, Nikia and I brought Mikaela to the Ayala Terraces this morning and took some pictures. We saw some familiar faces and regular runners and of course friends from different running clubs and social networking sites.

I'd like to highlight Team Yellow Jersey headed by good friend and fellow blogger/runner Manny Camacho. They're a good bunch of active and perky runners eh!

See some photos below:

the kids were great!

and so goes the photo-ops...

Richel Comabig and Jaymarl Padreganda of Accenture Running Club

Doc Porfie Amboang who placed 10th in the 10K Men's Open - Congrats Doc!

like father like son - oldies but always goodies!

Doc King2x and Adrian 

Doc Mitty running 10K

The Guardo Running Bothers

And... Team Yellow Jersey... drum roll please!

The proud owner of the Yellow Jersey himself - Manny Camacho.
But he's not wearing one coz gi-harbor sa iyang kauban! :-D 

And who wouldn't miss the ELITES! 
Doc Reel Bontol (right) and his fellow Reborn teammates!

Goodluck Team Cebu for the Cobra Ironman 70.3 this August 22, 2010 

And after the race...

Doc King2x with SO Adz. Salamat sa picture!

pumping up with some aerobic and taebo routines

and of course, Team Yellow Jersey who were cam-whoring after the race.
Nice to meet you guys. I'll run with you soon!

Well.... that's just about it. The Run for the Footure was a great success!
Let's continue run for a cause! 



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