Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crossing Bridges

A few days ago, Dailymiler Jack Daniel Morilla created a route for what to be our first SLD. It's gonna cross 3 cities and 3 bridges. About 11 runners converged early this morning take that challenge. Most of us are first-timers doing SLD and Tri-City Run and crossing those bridges.

The original distance was calculated thru Dailymile at 24kms starting at the Pioneer House at the Cebu Business Park up to the Old Mactan-Mandaue Bridge then to the Marcelo Fernan Bridge and then the new Cansaga Bridge in Mandaue City. But half of the group decided to cross 2 bridges only and go back to Cebu City.  

It was a success. Nikia's performance was superb!

But one of the most important thing happened there was when Dailymilers converged and took the challenge. We don't even have their contact numbers and fullnames but because of Dailymile, we were able to unite and run. This morning's run were the members of the Buang Runners Club headed by Jack Daniel. We also met with fellow Dailymilers Kenneth, Boyet, Richard, Richelieu, Eric, Jay, John, Marlou and Weng (our only Dailymile muse) and Dan and Marben who were our lead runners. Most, if not all of us who ran this morning, were also Ungo Runners. 

Today's run commenced as my first practice run for the 34th Milo Marathon Cebu Eliminations. I will ran my first half-Mary on September 5. This run also marked my 200th kms in my mileage. My Dailymile registered less than the 200th mark because I was only a member last March. 

I made a video blog too (sort of!)... and posted them at the DM site. 

You can check out the videos in my DM site: http://www.dailymile.com/people/katol


Me, Jack, Weng, Jan, Boyet & Ken.
Photo courtesy of 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Photoblog: the Planet Sports Run experience

Since I’m a nocturnal (I work at 12midnight till 9 in the morning), I wasn’t able to participate in the Planet Sports Run. So I decided to let Nikia take some rest and brought Mikaela instead to take some photos with me. Mikaela is my Nikon D70s DSLR camera. And yes! while Nikia has her own running blog, Mikaela has her own photoblog as well -- A Tribute to Mikaela

Mikaela took photos of runners and spectators alike. We then decided to write a photo story and post it in Nikia’s page. In this post, you’ll see different kinds of runners (and I created their own moniker. peace!).

So, one day at Planet Earth... runners converged at the starting line..
ok.. mag-exercise tayo tuwing umaga. tuwing umaga, tuwing uamaga...
Runners! Ready! Set.....
of course, the competitive runners are always up front....
and the rest follows...

so we wait... 

and this cute kid is waiting too...

the Running Kiddos- early finishers of the 3K race... and they're KIDS!!!
darn, they're fast!

Simon Liosaboi (left) first to arrive (as expected!) in the 10K race. and the one on the right was one of the first finishers in the 5K race. very fast too!
and they came.... the Running Moms (I pressumed they are... peace!)

the Oldies but Goodies.... 

the Running Beauties.... 

who can't miss the Lakers' Fan! woohooo!

the Running Guard (she's our guard at Accenture -- sorry I forgot her name)

the Blind Runner (check the stick...here paced and guided by
a member of the Park Lane Runners)

and these Kids? darn! check that out... 5K!!! whew!

the list goes on....

the Running Spartan and the Viking Runner

and of course, who can't miss Twinkle Ignacio -- always ready with her costume!

the Running Lawyer (Haide Acuna) and the Prodigal Runner / Analyst

Marvin - the Running Teacher (will ran in the CamSur Marathon) and Jundex - the Running Engineer (member of Lear Runners)


the Running Veterinarian - Ling Abella, DVM - blogger of Any Given Sunday

Richard Mariano Ho - The Adiktus Runner or shall I say the Runner Diehard!

and if you're there.. you've probably see these guys.. (see here running to the finish line)
thanx to these Marshals for keeping our runners safe!

and the best part? meeting some old friends and loved ones
(and soon to be the Running Nurse and the Running CPA Lawyer)

till the next race!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I admit! I am now addicted to Dailymile. Dailymile is a community of people training socially. Boying introduced this site to me last March. I even regretted not knowing this site since I've been running in January. But it's not too late. I have now friends from Cebu, Manila and the US who have continuously inspire other runners like me. 

Everyday, I logged in to DM and I am really amazed on how runners in the US (especially the Ambassadors of DM) train hard. You can check out their pages and you will certainly drool in the gears that they are using, the training mileage, the marathons and ultra-marathons they've been participating. 

Just recently, Brodie Wise from Silver Spring, Maryland had a surgery (June 9). Doctors had to let him literally STOP RUNNING for the next 3  weeks. It may sound sad for him but guess what, Dailymilers setup a challenge called Run for Brodie. Each dailymiler is challenged to ran for 3 miles for Brodie. And that week, I JUST DID! :-)

Brodie Wise with his DM shirt. I want one of this Brodie!

I'd like to say that Brodie has inspired me even though I don't know him personally. But he has inspired runners to be healthy, to have an active lifestyle, and to persevere each time we ran. And he has been contagious!!! Thanks to you Brodie. Get well soon!

Anwyay Brodie, here's a question: What is the scientific name of being addicted to dailymile? :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm back!

Yes! Nikia and I are back! After a week of "running hiatus", Nikia and I went back running. We ran at the KSRP route (5.77kms). Though I felt heavy, but Nikia was very patient to ran with me. While running, I was thinking about what my fellow ARC (Accenture Running Club) member Weng Asis said during a chat earlier today.. we are going to ran at the 34th Milo Marathon come September 5, 2010.

So I decided... I will conquer my first 21K Run this September! Since my schedule will change starting August, I will be able to ran and train hard... good luck to me!!!

Keeps on going and going and going... Go Energizer! Go Kapuso!

oh yeah... i just got my race kit (without the singlet). the singlet is nice...and will go in the dark! well of course! it's a nite race...

i'm excited for this race. another 10K for me. woohoo!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Energizer Nite Race -- this time I will be a Kapuso!

Oh yeah! This time I will be a Kapuso Runner. The Energizer Nite Race will hit Cebu City on July 10, 2010. They will be in partnership with the GMA-7 Kapuso network. I believe this race will be exciting especially to all Ungo Runners like myself. Night running has a different feel and a different mood and pace. Imagine running without the sun! So, if you haven't tried it, better hit the road on that nite! See you then mga Ungo!

Nikia and I will try to get a new PR for 10K... wooohooo!!!

tweaked the photo from www.energizernightrace.com.my

Friday, June 18, 2010

15K + Futsal Fiesta = Injury timeout 30seconds

It's all worth it. After running my first 15K in last Sunday's Kapamilya Run, I played Futsal at City Sports with fellow football enthusiasts of Accenture Cebu.

With only 2hours of sleep under my belt, I trotted to the venue to play with my team Batibot. And after about 9 hours of playing and cheering, our team emerged as 1st Runner up in the Accenture Futsal Fiesta 2010. Each team member got a medal. Not only that, I was adjudged the 2nd Top Scorer of the Tournament... with 11 goals! Whoa.... didnt expect that... that's another medal for me. :-)

After 15K plus 11 goals after that, I was injured... shins badly swollen... left ankle as well.... swelling... painful... 

But it's all worth it!

Check out some pics after the tourney...

with teammate VinzCorz...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random scenes while running my first 15K race

Just like what I said, I am a Kapuso. But I must agree with Doc Ling in her comment in my previous post that "Wala kay Kapamilya kung wala kay Kapuso". So I did ran donning the Kapamilya singlet while at the back of my mind I wanted to wear a Nike singlet which I bought at my fave mall for a cheap price... but well, I was prepared for this race. For this is my first official 15K race. 

Here are some random scenes and thoughts that happened before, during and after the race:

  •  I was working last night. I was on half-day CTO (compensatory time off). Had to leave the office at 4am to meet some fellow runners of the ARC (Accenture Running Club).
  •  finally met with fellow dailymiler -- Popoy and Tine, Richard, Sir Jerry Chua, and others nga nakalimot ko. :-)
  • was able to pace, ran and greeted Atty. Haide Acuna of ABS-CBN (she's a star! - nahulog intawn iya water bottle)
  • first taste of Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon flavor.... didn't quite like it. mas maayo pa ang saging namo and Cloud 9 chocolate :-)
  • clocked 1:48:36 in my first 15K race
  • route was OK... did Chi Running in some uphill roads like Escario, Banawa, Jones, Gorordo 
  • the ice-cold 100 Plus drink at the Jones water station was thirst-quenching (Jerry Ano had to pour some on his head and he said that his sweat tasted sweet. haha!) 
  • saw a CRRC veteran runner who made a shortcut. funny guy!
  • Jerry,  Leo Ironman Mitch Jala and I were laughing our ass off when Jerry uttered these words, "oi katorse minutes nalang 1 hour 30mins nata.". that time we were pacing... but we had to stop and walk because we were all laughing at each other....
  • I saw fellow Ungo Runners running 15K too... too bad I still don't have my Ungo shirt (calling Max Limpag!!! 
  • had a photo op with Leo Lastimosa of TV Patrol Central Visayas
  • took some shots of ACT (Association of Concerned Texters Inc). and guess what, most of the members are actually older than me... I'd say they're text addicts but helped in organizing as well.... they were specially mentioned by the hosts. great job!
  • ABS-CBN made a good decision to get RunCheck to organize this event. RunCheck did an organized run again! Congrats RunCheck.

I am proud to share this day to my fellow ARC members who endured their first 15K... Xyrus Ba-ad and Jaymarl Padreganda... the 3 of us clocked less than 2hours. Also, Jack Morilla, Jerry Ano, Franz Dakoykoy and Weng Asis also finished their 15K.

Of course, Nikia did a great job this morning. She never failed to amaze me with her performance on the road. It's just sad that Aijeigh wasn't there to celebrate this feat with me and Nikia. :-(

Next stop? HALF-MARY!!!


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